MS Project Training

MS Project Training

by admin
The overall objective of this seminar is to ensure that all participants have the ability to analyse and develop projects, as well as the capability tracking its progression and ensuring important milestones are being met.


By the end of this seminar, participants will understand how to maximise the productivity and minimise time spent on projects by using MS Project. Specifically, participants will be able to:

  • Open and close a project
  • Create a blank project
  • Open, close and save files
  • Display all phases of the project guide
  • Set the start date for the project
  • Define the units of time for the project
  • Add Tasks
  • Add notes to tasks
  • Interpret indicators
  • Display task and resource information
  • Create and delete summary tasks, subtasks, recurring tasks and milestones
  • Change the order of tasks
  • Split a task
  • Link and unlink tasks
  • Define lags and leads
  • Set deadlines and constraints
  • Add and assign different types of resources
  • Modify the resource calendar
  • Change resource assignments and control how the change affects the schedule
  • Level resources
  • Switch views
  • Format the Gantt Chart
  • Create basic and visual reports
  • Copy a picture of a view
  • Add a text box
  • Modify the page setup
  • Preview and print a project
  • E-mail a project