Improving Performance


Improving Performance


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We provide executive leadership and line management coaching, as well as business communication skills coaching for sales teams and customer services teams. We also have specialist coaching for marketing and financial professionals. Our trainers and experienced professional coaches help businesspeople develop new skills and change behaviors to improve  performance and achieve their business goals.

Online Coaching

Globalinx has traditionally provided coaching face-to-face and online. However, due to the current Covid 19 pandemic we are providing all coaching online. We are currently supporting Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Webex platforms.

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Leadership coaching helps Leaders move from where they are now to where they want to be, with lasting improvements in capability and effectiveness. It’s based on 1:1 interactions, where the Coach and Leader gain the insights, clarity and focus needed to overcome challenges and improve performance. It’s more direct and focused than classroom based leadership development, but at the same time is an excellent way of following up on a traditional leadership workshop. 

Systems Coaching

Systems Coaching, also called Organization & Relationship Systems Coaching, aligns the organization’s Leadership, Strategy, Vision and Culture in pursuit of excellence, by improving team members’ ability and willingness to work together.

  • Systems Coaching brings forward the team’s natural creativity and intelligence, especially when business is challenging
  • Participants develop stronger relationships and experience increased positivity and trust, with growing awareness of flow in their team relationships. This leads to enhanced productivity, profitability and exceptional performance
  • Overcomes interpersonal conflicts
  • Improves organizational culture

View and download the complete (12 pages) Coaching for Better Leadership brochure here