Training in practical skills

HRBP – Human Resource Business Partner

Training in practical skills

HRBP – Human Resource Business Partner

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Strategic HR Business Partner Workshops. For HR professionals who interface with the business.

The emerging requirement for HR professionals is to act as true Business Partners to the organization. To meet this requirement, HRBPs need to act as consultants with their internal customers and work with them to build an organization that can win in the marketplace.

The term “Strategic HR Business Partner” has been around for several years and can be defined as an HR professional who interfaces with the business, providing human capital solutions to enable the organization to implement its strategy and achieve business and organizational goals. At minimum, that means ensuring the business has the right people in the right place to drive the business strategy and achieve business goals. But ‘minimum’ is no longer enough. Instead, HR’s role is to partner with business managers, understand their business and to present business solutions to them, often before they are even asking for a solution.

The overall objective of this seminar is to provide HR Business Partners with practical skills in human resources management and the strategies, resources, and support to improve company performance.

The online seminar information can be accessed here

Competencies Required to be an Effective HR Business Partner

·     Business Acumen & insight ·   Aligning the HR Strategy and deliverables with the business strategy
·     Acting as a consultant to the business ·   Use of HR metrics
·     Becoming strong presenters who can communicate both to individuals and the entire organization. ·   Constructing logical and persuasive arguments in favor of a recommended course of action
·     Change leadership ·   Innovation leadership
·     Organization Capability Analysis ·   Creating the organizational Mission and Vision
·     Succession Planning ·   Job/ Position analysis
·     Psychometric profiling ·   Conducting 360 feedback surveys
·     Conducting Employee Engagement surveys ·   Building high-performing teams
·     Leadership development ·   Competency development
·     HR data and metrics ·   Running Values workshops
·     Workforce management ·   Legal expert – HR related
·     Interpersonal conflict resolution

We conducted a survey to gather feedback on the capabilities needed to be an effective HR leader, and what Senior HR Professionals would most like to see included in the workshop.

Survey date: Jan 19-25, 2021
26 responses from HR Directors and Senior HRBPs.

The full survey and analysis is below.