Understand your employees

Survey and Assessments

Understand your employees

Survey and Assessments

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We use surveys and assessments to evaluate employee and organizational capabilities to identify areas for improvement and development. 

We currently use the following survey and assessment tools:

  • 360 self-assessment
  • HRBP Self-Assessment
  • HRBP Team-Assessment
  • Competency levels assessment
  • Employees Engagement Survey
  • Garuda Profile and Position Evaluation
  • Productivity self-assessment
  • Tuckman team assessment
  • Delegation self-assessment
  • Values self-assessment
  • Capability assessment
  • Cultural Assessment
  • Organizational assessment

Factors that may lead to Assessment and Training Needs

  • Re-organization processes
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Process Improvements
  • Reductions in Force
  • Layoffs/Transfers/New Hires

This results of the surveys and assessments can also be used by HR and line managers who are able to observe their staff and make recommendations for training based on performance issues or gaps between performance and objectives. This analysis can also be performed on an organization-wide level by Training and Development managers who survey the organization to identify needs.

HRBP Self-Assessment

Are you an HRBP looking to improve your competencies and capabilities? If so, try this free interactive self-assessment to help you understand where you are now andwhere you would like to develop. We suggest this process:

      1) Review your Self-Assessment results

      2) Look for areas of Strength, and also areas for development

      3) Create your Personal Development Plan 

      4) Discuss with your Manager, then finalize your PDP

Contact us here if youd like some additional support, or see here for how our Individual HRBP Coaching service can help you to become a more effective HRBP.

Click on the image below to open the Self-Assessment

HRBP Team Assessment

Are you an HR Leader looking to understand the development needs of your HRBP team? One method could be to ask everyone to do the HRBP Self-Assessment (its free, see here), and manually collect and analyze the results.

However, a better method is be to use our online survey, which will give you interactive reports that will provide you with an instant view of the current HRBP capability levels, by demographic of your choice, for your entire organization enabling you to quickly focus on the key areas that you need to work on with your team.

Heres an example PDF report. The full report uses Tableau, and is fully interactive, and can also be designed with your own questions and framework.

Contact us here if youd like to know more.

Also, see here for how our Individual HRBP Coaching service can help your team to become more effective HRBPs.

Click on the image below to open an Example Team Assessment Report

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