Corporate Finance and Accounting for Japanese Managers

Accounting and Finance

Corporate Finance and Accounting for Japanese Managers

Accounting and Finance

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Corporate finance for Japanese executives is designed to help employees improve knowledge of corporate finance
while boosting English language skills. Our program is based upon the corporate finance principles your employees need to know for their personal success, and for the success of your organization.

The program can be conducted as a 10-week online program or as a two-day intensive classroom seminar.

Who is this program for?

Designed for Japanese employees to improve specialized language skills and knowledge of corporate finance. For example; future business leaders working in a global environment, department and line managers, and employees who manage business units or organizations.

The program helps employees develop a working knowledge of corporate finance principles in English. We will show how financial statements can be used to gain information on companies for use in M&A, competitive, and other forms of analysis. The instructor will guide participants through a series of interactive lectures, case studies and exercises.

Program Brochure (PDF)

Program Highlights:

  • Actual cases will be used to show how to extract useful information from a company’s financial statements.
  • Specialized finance industry vocabulary will be reinforced by encouraging class participation and discussion among participants.
  • Participants will be given an information package containing reading materials, exercises, and/or case work needed to be prepared for the next class.
  • Participants will learn how to think like a senior manager when making decisions on capital budgeting, capital structure, and shareholder returns.
  • Participants will learn capital market instruments and how capital markets function.
  • Learn how capital structure is an important decision made by finance departments and this affects the level of debt and equity for your companies.
  • Exercises will test comprehension and promote communication.
  • The level of content will be similar to what students in an MBA program would encounter.
  • Active class participation is strongly encouraged.

By the end of the seminar the participants will:

  • Gain an appreciation of practical applications for some of the major principles of corporate finance, such as capital budgeting, capital structure, and shareholder return policies.
  • Learn techniques used to analyze financial statements.
  • Be better able to consider strategic factors that affect sales growth.
  • Become more familiar with accounting and financial vocabulary, and become better able to discuss financial matters in English.

These skills and techniques will help employees to:

  • Appreciate the importance of profitable growth for your organization, and to better understand how a company’s growth stage affects its financial behavior.
  • Become better equipped to analyze potential M&A targets your company might be considering.
  • Begin thinking about issues they will encounter at the senior manager level, such as shareholder payout and capital structure.
  • Discuss complex financial issues on capital budgeting, capital structure, financial strategy, and other financial areas in English.

Instructor: Robert Garone

Robert Garone has been working in the financial industry for over 20 years.
After obtaining an MBA from the University of Virginia, he became a CFA in 1997.
He started his career at a Japanese bank in NY and then moved to Japan in 1992. He worked at Citibank until 1994, and then as an equity analyst and investor until 2008. Since then, Robert has worked for Globalinx and Temple University, developing and instructing accounting and finance seminars for Japanese corporations and other adult learners.

Case Study

Read a case study report for this program that Globalinx recently provided for a major insurance company in Tokyo