Preparing for overseas study

Accounting and Finance

Preparing for overseas study

Accounting and Finance

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The challenge was to prepare participants to actively participate in and

successfully complete an intensive overseas university study program.

The client is one of Japan’s largest property and casualty insurance companies. It had been looking to achieve growth through both domestic and overseas M&A, and needed to develop a group of English-speaking, financially literate employees for its future success.
The company’s HR department initiated a training program designed to help employees build their knowledge of finance and polish their English language skills. During the initial stages, trainees studied finance, accounting, and strategy in Japanese. This was followed by an extended period of MBA level study at an overseas location with a group of international participants. The trainees were required to boost both accounting and finance skills before participating in this challenging overseas environment.

Globalinx’s Role

Globalinx’s designed a two day seminar to introduce trainees to accounting and finance topics in English. This was the first English language finance class taken by many of the participants, and the seminar material also went beyond what many had ever seen before. Nonetheless, the trainees had a fun time and proactively took part in the many group exercises and presentations.
The client has run the seminar consistently over the past six years. It has been our objective each time to encourage the trainees to gain knowledge of finance and to help them build confidence expressing their views and opinions on financial topic in English. Our further aim was to give the trainees exposure to financial concepts such as capital budgeting, capital structure, and shareholder return policies that will be useful for their present and future careers.
We have enjoyed working with the client and getting to know the trainees and look forward to working with them again.

Globalinx continues to deliver the same training for this client every year.

Each year we work with our EQ Partners to keep the experience fresh and in line with current accounting and financial topics.

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