Training the team to present confidently and effectively

Presentation Skills

Training the team to present confidently and effectively

Presentation Skills

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The key was to identify their existing strengths and fine-tune their presentation skills.

This client is a pioneer among Japan’s HR shared services companies, and has notable experience dealing with small and medium sized enterprises. The client offers HR solutions and HR consulting to both international and domestic customers. Apart from providing HR services the client is also involved in catering to its customers’ human resources development and training needs. The client has established a standard of HR administration in the Japanese market, and ultimately promotes further growth of the HR outsourcing market.

The client initially had a requirement to train key members of their company to present confidently and effectively to large groups of up to 200 people in order to help them understand more about the client’s business process, organization and practices. Many of their team members have great technical and financial expertise but needed help in improving their client presentation skills.

They were looking for a training partner to support them by providing a consistent approach that would help the training participants identify their existing strengths and fine-tune their presentation skills, as well as highlight any weaknesses and help them draw up a plan for improvement so they could increase their confidence to speak in a range of situations with impact and enthusiasm.

Globalinx's Role

Globalinx proposed a program which was a combination of 1:1 training and coaching. The client worked with two coaches at different times with the aim of developing core skills for getting their messages across with clarity, confidence and impact. We were able to assist individuals in projecting their personality, using tools and techniques to engage the audience’s attention.

We used a range of tools, processes, coaching, and skills practice for each area and then supported the client to create his or her individual presentation. Due to our successful results we were invited to run other presentation skills courses for staff from different levels of the organization.

Key Learning Point: It was recognized how important confidence is for the team when pitching for new business and conducting client presentations. This program provided an effective balance of content and practice so that each participant could demonstrate a mastery of improved visual, vocal, and verbal techniques in order to make an effective impact with their audience.

Results which exceeded expectations

Based on the extremely positive response from participants and feedback on the improvement in the quality of their subsequent presentations, we continue to deliver these courses to this client.

Consistent feedback from participants show that they appreciate, and benefit from, our trainers adapting the course structure to meet the specific needs of each person. Feedback from this client was that everyone left feeling that they were a more competent presenter.

Business Presentation Skills - Program Brochure