Leadership and Organizational Development Program

Leadership and Organizational Development Program

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Global Japanese Manufacturing Company – Target all managers & individual contributors in a mid-sized department –> 2 Year program

The client is one of Japan’s most well-known and respected manufacturers. A mid-sized department in the company was experiencing challenges related to effective teamwork and productivity within its multi-cultural organization. In addition, although employee engagement scores were not low by external benchmarks, they were low compared to other divisions in the company.

The head of department asked Globalinx to implement a comprehensive Leadership and Organizational Development Program, covering all manager and individual contributors, with the goal of creating visible improvements in all areas.

The table below gives an overview of the issues at the start of the program, the solution implemented, and the results over two years.

Year One Cost Saving: 28M JPY, Year Two Cost Saving: 39M JPY

Total Impact: 67M JPY over Two years, as well as Improvements in Engagement and other Important Areas.

Issue/ Situation Solution – Two Year Implementation Result / Outcome

· 27 FTEs with imbalance of foreign mgmt. & leaders

9 Japanese assistant mgr. & mgrs. vs 6 Non-Japanese sr. mgrs. & director.



Engagement & Performance

· Lowest Engagement scores in org:  56%

· Lowest performance score average in org.

8 Below, 17 Meet, 2 Exceed Expectations





Staff & Cost Impact

· Turnover ratio: 4 FTE left dept. (14.8%)

22.5M yen ‘cost to replace’

· High overtime

42M yen annually

· High amount of sick leave

21 days individual average annually


· 360 Global Leadership survey:

Assistant mgrs. up to director


Workshops / Projects

· 3-day leadership workshop (x 2)

· 1-day performance management workshop (x 2)

· 2-day intercultural training workshop

· 2-day presentation skills training (x 4)

· Change Management Initiative

· 4 x half day change management workshops

· 2hr. twice a month Change Management team mtg.

Categories: Employee value proposition, performance management, authority, resources, training, collaboration & work structures

· 1.5hr. monthly performance management meeting



· 9 months coaching – core topics:

leadership, performance, work/life balance, career development, others


Note: Workshops & coaching were for Individual contributor up to director level


· Increased headcount from 27 to 32 FTEs

3 local Japanese promoted to Assistant Mgr. 3 to mgr. & 1 to Snr. Mgr.




Engagement & Performance

· Engagement score increased

83% (vs. 56% year one)

· Improved performance scores

20 ‘Meet Expectations’

12 ‘Exceed Expectations’

(vs. 8 Below, 17 Meet, 2 Exceed Expectations year one)




Staff & Cost Impact

· Turnover ratio: 1 FTE left dept – 3.1% (vs. 14.8% year one)

‘Cost to replace’ reduced to 4.8m yen (vs. 22.5m year one)

· Overtime reduction

21m yen annually (vs. 42m year one)

· Sick leave reduction

11 days average annually (vs. 21 days year one)

Global Leadership - Program Brochure