Building the Global Leader Mindset - coming in 2020

Global Leadership Program (2020)

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Building the Global Leader Mindset - coming in 2020

Global Leadership Program (2020)



Two-Day Open Seminar – coming in 2020 –

Globalinx are partnering with Berkeley Professionals to offer an open two-day Global Leadership program for Japanese Business people in Tokyo and across Japan.

The Global Leadership seminar is designed to help people become a better leader, whatever their position in the organization.  Participants will learn skills and techniques that will enable them to create highly-engaged and high-performing organizations that achieve extraordinary results – anywhere in the world.

The “Global” Leader

  • Provides a positive, innovative atmosphere
  • Creates highly-engaged teams
  • Delivers excellent results
  • High concern for actions/results
  • High concern for people
  • Role-models company and personal values
  • Can effectively lead teams and organizations in any location around the world

Two-Day Schedule

Day 1  


Seminar Introduction & Overview

Global Leadership

  • 3 Elements of Global Leadership
  • What is Leadership?
  • Characteristics of Admired Leaders


  • Know yourself and your own leadership style
  • Your Personal Leadership Philosophy
  • Your Leadership Challenge


  • Your Vision and Mission
  • Linking team and Organizational Missions
  • Developing Organizational Capabilities
Day 2


Business-Leadership (contd)

  • Delegation & Follow-up
  • Setting SMART Objectives


  • Building Trust
  • Giving Feedback
  • Coaching: The Grow Model
  • Creating High-Performing Teams
  • Adjusting your Leadership Style

Leadership Declaration

Personal Development Plan

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who leads teams, business units, or entire organizations in a global business environment


This open workshop will be facilitated in English

(note – a Japanese workshop can be delivered at your company)


Open seminars: JPY 165,000 per-participant for the full two-day seminar (schedule on next page)

Price includes: all seminar materials and workbooks, lunch, coffee, water and snacks. (not including tax)


Open Workshop are conducted in central Tokyo.

In-company workshops are usually conducted at the client’s site.


Click here for the application form (please enter “Global Leadership Program” in the message box)

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