Training to communicate overseas

Facilitation Skills Coaching

Training to communicate overseas

Facilitation Skills Coaching

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The key was to take the participants out of their comfort zones while maintaining and building their confidence.

This client operates globally and works collaboratively with a range of business partners. Their clients range from individuals/small businesses to large multinational organizations. Being an evolving company in a changing world, the client has grown in their 155 years of existence from a small family-owned business to a research based pharmaceutical company that is now one of the world’s largest and most valuable company devoted to healthcare.

The client identified a need to develop the ability of their high performing senior managers here in Japan to be able to communicate, and work together more effectively in business meetings overseas with their U.S. staff. Their aim was to help prepare them to participate and/or facilitate in teleconference meetings conducted in English in order to achieve their expected outcomes and goals.

Globalinx's Role

Globalinx worked closely with the client’s learning and development team to design and deliver a two-day event. The outline required Globalinx’ to come up with creative ideas that would take the participants out of their comfort zones while maintaining and building their confidence. The design included a rich mixture of large and small group sessions, an actual teleconference simulation and a final session that gave people the chance to demonstrate the changes they made during the program in a fun, interesting and challenging way.

Critical to the event’s success were Globalinx’s years of experience in spoken communication and Globalinx’s specialist expertise in this area, creativity, attention to detail and excellent project management skills were essential in ensuring a successful result.

Key Learning Point: During the pre-conference meeting and actual teleconference simulation, the participants were coached by a professional Globalinx instructor and given feedback and comments to develop their skills and helped them to apply the techniques they learned and practiced during the lectures. This enabled the senior managers to increase better understanding of the issues their staff faced.

Results which exceeded expectations

Globalinx continues to deliver the same event for this client every year.

Each year they work with the learning and development team to keep the experience fresh and in line with current business themes and issues.

Meeting Facilitation Skills - Program Brochure