Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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Policy for Protection of Personal Information Final revised date: 10th July, 2009 Establishment date: 10th July, 2009 As a company dealing with group training, e-learning business training for employees of corporate companies and corporate training consultation, Globalinx Corp. makes every effort to manage information appropriately in compliance with laws and regulations of personal data and declares as our corporate mission to contribute further progress for our corporate clients through helping them from a human resource development aspect and also recognize to strictly protect personal information and data which we handle as a social responsibility. To fulfill the following policies, Globalinx has established a Personal Information Protection management system in which it declares its persistent improvement as a company in its entirety through acknowledging at all times that a new movement of IT and secure technology, a change of social demands/needs, an upheaval of management environment.

a) Regarding personal information about training operations for corporate employees which are conducted through group training and e-learning systems, consulting services or hiring staff and personnel management for other corporate clients, Globalinx obtains, utilizes and provides personal information appropriately within the purpose announced or publicized in advance. Unless otherwise provided by laws and regulations, such information will not be provided to a third party beyond the necessary scope for achieving the specified intention of use. Globalinx will attempt every possible means to comply with the terms of this policy.

b) Globalinx adheres to the laws and regulations pertaining to personal information protection as well as policies established by Japan and other regulations.

c) Globalinx strictly manages the personal information it handles and has in place appropriate prevention and corrective measures to guard against the leakage, destruction, damage or loss of such information. Globalinx also establishes an internal regulation in order to prevent from happening again if some inappropriate issues occur.

d) Globalinx will honestly and promptly respond to any inquiry and complaint pertaining to the handling of personal information through establishing internal regulation as well as any request for disclosure, etc. from the owner of such information.

e) Globalinx has in place a management system pertaining to personal information protection that is not only utilized thoroughly by all employees but also revised and improved on a regular basis. This policy will be delivered and notified to all management staff and employees, and also will be uploaded on Globalinx homepage so that everyone can see and access at anytime.

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