Proactive Communication


This seminar explains proven practices for influencing team-mates, colleagues and project stakeholders. Unlike other project management training, it focusses on essential “soft skills”, such as communication, persuasion, influencing and consultation.


By the end of the training, participants should be able to:

  • Analyze situations and select facts which can be used to construct logical and persuasive arguments in favor of a clear course of action.
  • Prepare easy to understand, persuasive presentation material.
  • Kick-off and lead consultative discussions to achieve well defined outcomes.
  • Use questioning techniques to elicit necessary facts and uncover true needs and issues.
  • Present their own opinions clearly and persuasively using visual tools and techniques.
  • Actively lead analytical discussions wherein options are examined for costs, benefits, risks, and expected results.
  • Uncover counterpart’s objections and handle them assertively.

Custom Design Approach:
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