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GLOBALINX has over 10 years experience of moving training programs online. We started moving our own business skill seminars online in 1995. Our first target was to provide our clients with a blended learning approach to facilitate a flexible learning environment and enhance the quality of our student’s learning experience. After the success of these programs we developed stand alone PC applications that provides learners with a rich multimedia learning environment developed through the application of instructional design process, content development, and multimedia programming. We call our methodology SMILE (Self-Managed Interactive Learning Environment). (Details and Free Downloads)What are the advantages of moving training online?
For many organizations, providing high quality consistent training to employees located all over the world has always been a challenge and in many cases very expensive. Well designed elearning programs significantly reduce the cost of training and can significantly enhance the learning experience of employees. In fact many global organizations are now utilizing the advantages of elearning and the scalability of the internet, to provide consistent content and quality of training to their global workforce.

What can we do for you?
Our proposal is to take your organization’s classroom material and create an elearning program designed to fulfill the learning objectives of the classroom material. We provide a complete and comprehensive service, including:
・ Project management
・ Instructional design
・ Content development
・ Management of subject matter experts
・ Visual design
・ Multimedia development
・ Audio and video production
・ Web programming
・ Learning management system
・ User experience testing
・ Quality assurance (technical) testing
・ Conformity to emerging standards (such as SCORM)

Please contact us for an estimation and detailed process for moving your organization’s training online.

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