Language Development

GLOBALINX CORP. has partnered with reallyenglish to provide our clients and students with a fully personalized online learning system.
There are currently four main programs; General English -TOEICe-Speed ReadingBusiness Writing and Information Technology IT. These programs are designed to meet the general Business-English needs of most businesspeople and engineers working in the IT industry. There will be more programs added shortly.
Customized learning solutions can also be created for your organization using your content, or content related to your specific industry. This provides a targeted learning experience that improves the speed and efficiency of learning.

We also provide blended learning solutions that combine online self-study with conventional seminar programs. The online component gives learners the opportunity to master key language on their own so that they can focus on developing their communication skills during the seminar.
With a strong online component taking care of topic and key language introduction, and an online mentor answering student questions as they arise, we can efficiently use valuable seminar time to concentrate on developing the active communication skills necessary for global business.
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