PC Applications

The contents of ‘The Great Series’ books has been developed into interactive PC programs. The programs are designed for Windows PCs and uses the latest interactive multimedia technologies to provide an interactive learning environment and a business support tool. Each program includes: Video Lectures, Audio and Video Examples, Interactive Quiz, Techniques, and FAQ’s,and a unique business support tool. License Keys can be purchased online.

The Great Presenter

The Great Presenter will help you to make effective business presentations in English. This program will help you to analyse your international audience, develop the content of your presentation and write your presentation.

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>> Presentation Skills Seminar

The Great Negotiator

The Great Negotiator will help you to effectively prepare and conduct successful international business negotiations in English. The interactive negotiation planner will help you analyse your situation, plan your strategy and tactics, and help you to conduct your business negotiations in English by helping you to write your opening statement and ask appropriate questions.

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>> Negotiation Skills Seminar

The Great Facilitator

The Great Facilitator will help you facilitate and participate in business meetings conducted in English. The interactive meeting planner to help you plan and prepare your business meeting and help you facilitate your business meeting by helping you to write your opening statement and prepare your agenda and activities.

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>> Facilitation Skills Seminar

Text to Speech High Quality Voices

To improve the quality of the Text-to-Speech functions used in the programs, we recommend using high quality AT&T Natural voices. The AT&T Natural Voices™ speech engine comes with two US English voices, Mike and Crystal. Natural Voices™ support both SAPI4 and SAPI5 and are available in a variety of languages and personalities.

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