Communication skills training for the masses

Recently, we were asked by a large Japanese company if we could provide business communication skills training for around 800 employees.

The main requirements were:

-Time – As quickly as possible – Completed in twelve months program

-Cost – As cheap as possible – 25,000 yen budget per employee for each skill developed

-Impact – As effective as possible

-Measurable – significant and clearly measurable improvement in each skill area

-Quality – As high as possible

-All – every students should receive

a consistent high level of training These criteria presented us with some  unique challenges, especially considering the variation in language and communication ability of the target employees.

Several years ago, Globalinx developed a new software program using the Microsoft Windows platform, to provide pre and post support for students participating in our business communication skills seminars. The program proved to be very successful, not only helping students to effectively prepare for the seminar but also enabling them to effectively apply the skills and techniques they learned and continue to improve and develop their communication skills.

However, the program itself was not enough to meet our client’s needs. So we set about developing the programs by creating a clear self-directed learning path complete with forms and templates, and incorporated online instructor support to evaluate the student’s work and provide real-time guidance to help each student achieve a significant and measurable improvement.

The result is that new program can be completed by all target employees with  12 months. The program is basically a cost effective self-directed program using the Windows software program with support and evaluation from professional business communication skill instructors. All employees are  using the same program, which by the way is bilingual (Japanese & English), this means that we could provide the same high impact, high quality program to all employees and maintain a high quality of consistent training.

Communication skills training for the masses – Joseph Hull

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