Team Building


All project work is team work. In order for a team to function in a healthy and productive way, certain base-line conditions must exist. These conditions can only be achieved through a combination of strong leadership and effective team building efforts on the part of all members including the team leader.


This seminar explains the principles of best practices for effective project teamwork and introduces practical techniques for building high performing, multicultural project teams. Unlike normal project management training, it focusses on “soft skills”, such as communication, motivation, persuasion, task delegation, multicultural awareness, and conflict resolution. Projects rarely fail due to a lack of hard skills, however, they often fail due to poor soft skills. As a result, graduates of this seminar will enjoy more successful projects and more productive teamwork.


By the end of this training, participants should be able to:

  • Eliminate misunderstandings, wasted effort and rework.
  • Gain the cooperation of team members when they resist.
  • Get accurate, honest, timely progress reports.
  • Delegate work in an organized manner; develop skills, monitor progress.
  • Give and receive feedback without ill will.
  • Build a self-monitoring team.
  • Recognize and reduce cultural barriers to team formation.
  • Negotiate acceptable team behavior and standards.
  • Overcome cultural misunderstandings between individuals.
  • Resolve interpersonal conflicts before they become serious.


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