Persuasive Presentation Skills

Presenting the numbers


In business we often have to convince others of the correctness of our own point of view despite the fact that they hold a different view and may have different interests.


Learn how to present your message in a convincing manner, by using rhetorical tools and managing meaning to develop persuasive arguments and content.


•    Understanding the sources of power
•    Using three types of rhetoric to craft an argument
•    Managing meaning as a way of influencing others
•    Analyzing your own messages objectively
•    Building trust and credibility
•    Presenting without Powerpoint
•    Techniques for improving your stage presence
•    Using storytelling to create memorable and meaningful messages
•    Audience analysis: identifying areas of agreement and disagreement
•    Appealing to interests
•    How to engage and captivate the audience
•    How to handle objections
•    How to present to a multicultural audience

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