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Integrated Leaderships

Integrated Leadership combines assessments, surveys seminars, workshops and coaching into one complete Leadership solution. Practical, actionable concepts covered in the program are fully incorporated in the measurement and assessments tools, resulting in a fully-integrated program with measurable outcomes.LDS program will directly support the creation of a highly engaged and high performing organization that achieves extraordinary results.


Structured Approach 

  • Employee Engagement survey questions can be tailored to measure leadership at an organizational level.
  • Garuda Leadership Profiling and 360 Feedback tools form the basis of individual leadership assessment.
  • Integrated Leadership Seminar, combines Self-Leadership, Business-Leadership and People Leadership,
  • Can be replicated throughout the organization in Leadership workshops, which means that both Organizational Leadership Development and Individual Leadership Coaching are based on the same principles.



  • Being clear about your philosophy of leadership
  • Setting a personal example of what is expected
  • Asking for feedback on how your actions affect people’s performance
  • Being a role model company and team values
  • Following through on promises and commitmentsIntegrated Leadership


  • Making sure others understand the organization’s vision
  • Ensuring people understand how their work is connected to the organizational strategy
  • Ensuring teams understand what is expected of them
  • Ensuring people have a sense of urgency to achieve objectives
  • Building a strong organization to implement strategy


  • Encouraging and Enabling others to deal with issues and to develop solutions
  • Giving others feedback in a timely, constructive way
  • Coaching people to ensure they develop their skills and grow in their jobs
  • Finding ways to celebrate accomplishments
  • Viewing reasons for failure as ‘Learning Opportunities’


Benefits of LDS 

  • LDS brings the best of global HR & Leaderships practices into one solution
  • Experienced instructors and coaches to help you resolve your leadership challenges
  • Tried and tested solutions and methods that work
  • Complete program that can be replicated throughout the whole organization
  • Measurable results through 360 feedback, Employee Engagement and Business Results
  • Developed in Japan, by Global HR professionals, Leadership Coaches and Business Skills Trainers with many years of experience.

Supporting Training & Development Programs:

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