Meeting Skills

The overall objective of this seminar is to ensure that all participants can effectively facilitate and actively participate in international business meetings.


By the end of this seminar, participants will have developed both their communication and business meeting skills to a level suitable for global business.
Specifically, participants will be able to:

  • Plan and prepare for effective meetings in order to achieve a desired outcome
  • Recognize and manage the common barriers to effective interpersonal and group communications
  • Use effective communication and questioning skills to fully utilize the resources of their meeting
  • Listen actively to ensure that their meetings reach agreement and make quality decisions
  • Use a range of facilitation tools to help manage information in their meetings
  • Facilitate and actively participate in teleconference meetings

Custom Design Approach:
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Supporting Publications:

The Great Facilitator Book

The Great Facilitator PC Application

Supporting Services:

Consulting: Impact and Confidence Event

Coaching: Impact and Confidence Event

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