Training for Success

Globalinx specializes in instructional design and delivery. We contribute to the success of our client’s training programs by providing information and advice on the best practices for designing and implementing training to produce measurable performance improvements.
In addition to developing and customizing our seminars to achieve specific performance improvements, we work with large multinational organizations to localize and customize their in-house training programs.

Our specialized training and development areas include;

Program Matrix

Program Development Process: Analyze – Develop – Deliver – Assess

  • Analyze


    Our consultants work with clients to assess the training needs of the organization by first looking at the strategic business objectives and then the required competencies to achieve them.

  • Deliver

    Our Training

    Our training style is interactive and participative, ensuring that all participants are fully engaged in the learning process, making their training experience stimulating, effective and enjoyable.

  • Develop


    Our consultant will then design and develop training solutions that improve employee and organizational performance and are aligned with our client’s business goals.

  • Assess

    Our Training

    We assess the effectiveness of the training programs and the progress of the participants to ensure that the participant’s learning needs and the company’s business objectives are fully satisfied.

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