At the end of the design phase, the training consultant writes an instructional design document. This document is more than just a simple course outline; it provides a high-level overview of the entire training solution.

A training consultants’s instructional design document provides detailed instructions on how to build the course, but it doesn’t contain any actual course content; it’s similar to an architect’s blueprint or a software engineer’s design document.

Generally, an instructional design document will perform the following tasks:

  • Describe the overall learning approach
  • Identify instructional media choices
  • Cluster and sequence objectives
  • Describe course exercises, activities, and assessments

Together these five elements create the overall instructional strategy for the course. A short course might have a very simple design document, but complex and lengthy courses can have very detailed design documents.

The instructional design serves as a major quality assurance checkpoint. The training specialist and the client discuss and agree to the design before development begins. It’s a lot easier to adjust the design than redevelop materials later in the project.

What do we do during training design?

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