Global Training and Human Resource Development

Monitoring and reacting to trends are an important part of developing an effective training and human resource development program. The first step in this process is to be aware of distinct trends that will have an impact on the program. On February 15th in Tokyo we held an open seminar for professionals and specialists actively involved in all aspects of training, education, development, learning, and performance improvement. The open seminar was a success. With approximately 30 attendees in various industries from human resource development IT, electronics, automobile, machinery, pharmaceutical, and chemicals.

The agenda for the session was as follows:

1) Prospecting for project management trends

2) Investigating the utilization, assessing, and nurturing global talent

3) Business sense

4) Global communication skills

The most interesting session of the afternoon was delivered by Mr. Sakata, secretary-general of PMIJ. Mr. Sakata gave the opening speech and talked through the project management trends and offered advice of how to manage these trends in their own working environments.

After the conclusion of his speech, we received many requests from the attendees wanting more information and details about project management principles.

Because this free seminar was so successful, we must consider organizing another one like this in the future.

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