Intercultural Awareness

Business Need

As companies become more global, not only our customers, but also our suppliers, business partners, investors, and colleagues are from different countries and have different cultural backgrounds. Costly communication problems and misunderstandings are increasingly likely to occur. Workers required to deal with cultural differences as a result of overseas assignments have higher levels of stress and may experience culture shock. Poor handling of cultural differences can impact productivity, quality, and lead-times and increase overall risk to projects and ultimately cause business losses.

Intercultural awareness is the first step to providing workers with the knowledge and skills to compete globally.


The main objective of this intercultural training program is to give participants the knowledge and skills to live and work with different cultures successfully.


The aim of this training is to increase intercultural awareness and to avoid costly mistakes in business communications.

Specifically, participants will be able to:

  • Improve their global mind set
  • Understand the most common cultural theories
 and how they impact behavior
  • Recognize how their own cultural assumptions
 can lead to trouble
  • Take into account differing communication styles
  • Recognize different company cultures and how these also influence working style
  • Motivate and manage people from different cultures
  • Enhance their reputation when doing business in other countries or working in a cross-cultural team
  • Build strong and lasting relationships with people from other cultures
  • Understand how to manage culture shock


“Let’s put in common the best that we individually have and enrich ourselves with our differences”.
Paul Valery

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