Consultative Sales

The best sales people are a valuable resource to any company, not only for the revenue they generate, but also because they are trusted advisers to their clients. Highly skilled consultative sales people find it easier to get people to respond to their calls and build lasting relationships. This highly practical and intensive consultative sales training program will help your sales team understand their clients’ needs and improve their sales skills. This means your company will benefit from strong and fruitful client relationships built on trust and ultimately more sales.

The main objective of this seminar is to build on the strengths and experience of your sales team and develop strategies for improving the quality and timing of the information they receive from their client contacts as well as to further develop their prospecting skills.

Basic Concepts

  • Call Preparation
  • Opening the call/making the connection
  • Probing and uncovering customer needs
  • Handling customer questions and objection
  • Follow-through (internal and external)


This program delivers a deep understanding of the specific skills needed for each stage of the consultative sales process. Specifically, participants will be able to:

  • Comfortably facilitate a structured sales talk with their new clients.
  • Use a consultative selling approach with ease
  • Get to the heart of your clients’ business with
  • Get off to a great start and keep the momentum going
  • Get to grips with their business drivers
  • Use an effective sales structure to keep you on track
  • Quickly detect and act upon buying signals
  • Acquire techniques for overcoming objections
  • Deliver what your client wants and close the sale
  • Understanding the characteristics and benefits of a consultative sales approach
  • Creating a positive first impression when meeting clients for the first time


Case Study
A series of case studies will be used throughout the training to illustrate and practice the concepts and skills.

Consultative Sales Process:

Step One: Opening

This step includes all the warm-up events at the start of any sales call. It allows you to be thorough and include all points necessary to make a good presentation–such things as benefits, recognizing the level/ type of relationship, customer information, getting permission to diagnosing needs.

Step Two: Investigation

In order to provide consultative services, a sales person needs to understand the customer’s situation “from the customer’s perspective.” By asking a series of open-ended questions, a sales person creates a non- judgmental environment for obtaining the information they need.

Step Three: Demonstration

For each set of key actions, you will see a role play “scenario” demonstration. These demonstrations will show a account manager and customer interaction in a realistic and appropriate manner. These demonstrations are based on realistic situations from your organization. Participants will take notes on these role-play scenarios and will discuss how the key actions were used and what effect they had on the interaction. Areas for improvement will also be discussed.

Step Four: Commitment

By taking initiative and leading by example you are able to demonstrate to others in your organization, and to your customers, what is important to you. This behavior provides “value-added” benefits, in the eyes of your customers, which differentiates you from the competition.

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