Global Team Management


This seminar explains the principles of best practices for leading high performing, multicultural project teams. Unlike normal project management training, it focusses on “soft skills”, such as goal setting, motivation, persuasion, multicultural awareness, and monitoring and appraising performance. Whether you are an experienced manager or recently promoted, there are many unique and surprising challenges when working with a multicultural project team.


By the end of this training, participants should be able to:
• Set project goals and objectives
• Monitor and manage performance
• Manage diverse project teams
• Properly facilitate project meetings
• Gain consensus on decisions
• Create an environment to motivate team members to high performance

Example Schedule

Day One – AM

Seminar Introduction and Overview

Lecture 1 – Goals & Objectives
• Case Studies
• Exercises
• Feedback & Group Discussion

• Role-Play: Appraisal Meeting

Feedback and Discussion

Day One – PM

Lecture 2 – Diversity
• Case Studies
• Exercises

Feedback and Group Discussion
• Homework
• Review Day 1

Prepare Case Study for Day 2

Day Two – AM

Lecture 3 – Decision Making

Team Exercises
• Feedback & Group Discussion

Case Study: Ethics in Decision Making
• Feedback & Group Discussion

Day Two – PM

Lecture 4 – Implementation & Motivation

• Feedback & Group Discussion
• Workshop


• Role-Play Feedback

• Seminar Review – Lessons Learned

• Personal Action Plans

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