To meet the training and development needs of a globally dispersed workforce, HR and training managers must start to consider implementing web-based learning programs that will save money and increase the breadth of organizational learning.  A globally dispersed workforce needs a combination of formal and informal learning with an emphasis on collaboration, knowledge sharing and coaching.


Due to the rapid development of web-based learning and meeting software, high quality training solutions can now be provided to a globally dispersed workforce at relatively low cost. These technologies enable companies to conduct a wide range of live events ranging from informal discussion and knowledge sharing meetings to elaborate virtual classroom training sessions (Webinars) attended by participants from all over the world.
These technologies can be implemented relatively quickly and provide secure, high-impact multi-media training sessions that can be recorded and archived for future access from any geographical location. They are primarily designed to meet the needs of global businesses clamoring for convenient, secure and cost-effective alternatives to in-person gatherings. However, another key driver is the increased emphasis on “informal” learning, which comprises most of the corporate knowledge transfer within many organizations. For example, one of our clients needed to provide company administration training to over 2000 multinational overseas staff located in 20 different countries. Using web-based learning and meeting software, we were able to propose a relatively low cost solution saving the client thousands of dollars whilst increasing the effectiveness and quality of the training.

New learning models will feature short and tightly focused instruction sessions (Webinars) delivered to globally dispersed individuals or groups that need it at precisely the right times. Results are measured not by the number of courses delivered and employee satisfaction levels, but by the achievement of key performance benchmarks and bottom line impact. It is nothing less than a paradigm shift from training to performance, made possible largely by advances in web-based learning and meeting software.

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