Company History


Corporate History

2012 – Became a corporate member of PMIJ – Project Management Institue Japan

2012 – Became an entrepreneur member of the BCCJ – British Chamber of Commerce Japan

2010 – P Mark registration for privacy policy approved by JIPDECK

2009 – Reviewed and approved as a provider of project management

training by the Project Management Institute (PMI).

2008 – Started eLearning business programs and services with Gatlin

2008 – Philip Deane appointed president

2006 – Started “Project Management Skills Training”

2006 – Published “The Great Facilitator” in association with Asahi Press

2004 – Published “The Great Negotiator” in association with Asahi Press

2002 – Published “The Great Presenter” in association with Asahi Press

2001 – Started eLearning programs and services with reallyenglish

2000 – Moved to new office in Chiyoda-Ku (current location)

1999 – Published PC software for developing business communication skills

1999 – Started “Chinese Business Seminars and Training Services”

1998 – Tadashi Iwaki appointed president

1992 – Started “Personnel Management Training”

1990 – Changed corporate name to “GLOBALINX CORP”

1986 – Started “Cross-Cultural and Business Communication Skills Training”

1968 – Established corporate language training business

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